If you’ve got even a little bit of room left in your wallet, you could easily slip the 2,200 mAh Portable Slim Pocket Charger in there and never worry about running out of power through the day.

Never run into a situation where you desperately need an outlet again with this credit card-sized battery that fits as easily in your wallet as it does in your pocket. Packing 2,200mAh of power, this battery will charge microUSB and Apple (with the included adapter) devices in a pinch when you can’t find an outlet.

– Charges Android & iPhone devices
– Powers smartphones to 100% & tablets to 40% w/ a full charge
– Fits anywhere you need to carry it – it’s only 4.5mm thick

There really isn’t much more to say about this, other than to mention that after the rebate it’s only $18.95, down from $89.95.

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