Deal Of The Day: 93% Off On Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle



The Raspberry Pi is a great little computing platform. The things you can do with it are practically limitless, and the cost is minimal. The only obstacle to creating stuff is knowing how to use it and program for it. Today’s deal, the Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle, will teach you how to do that in a series of courses normally valued at $625. Courses include:

Introduction to Raspberry Pi
Enter the World of Coding & Hardware with This Miniature Computer
Hardware Projects Using Raspberry Pi
Utilize Raspberry Pi as a Tool for Learning Physical Computing
Python Programming for Beginners
Conquer This Beginner-Friendly Programming Language
Real World Guide to Hardware Design
Get Expert Tips & Tricks for Designing Hardware with Ease
PiBot: Build Your Own Raspberry Pi-Powered Robot
Experiment with Raspberry Pi & Bring a Small, Mobile Robot to Life

eLearning is big business now, and thousands of people are taking advantage. Don’t pay full price! For $39 you’ll have access to the above courses, and with a bit of dedication and time, you’ll be coding with the best of them.

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