Deal Of The Day: 94% Off On ZenMate VPN, Lifetime Premium Subscription



VPN’s are important. You practice safe sex, you have to practice safe browsing. VPN’s provide you with that layer of anonymity and protection you need when online. One of the better options out there is ZenMate VPN, and today you’re looking at a significant discount on a lifetime subscription.

ZenMate is one of the fastest-growing security solutions in the business for good reason. It not only offers complete protection against hackers and malicious websites, but delivers across all your devices. Finally, you can make purchases online and on mobile without risking your data getting in the wrong hands. Download the browser extension, and you can even easily switch between proxy locations to access any content you want. Youโ€™ll say goodbye to location-based content restrictions, and finally forge your own private path online.

Europas Award for Best Security/Privacy Startup of 2014

– Encrypts your browser traffic to safeguard your data
– Includes a browser extension to easily switch locations
– Protects you & your data while using public Wi-Fi hotspots (or at home!)
– Unblocks restricted sites like streaming services, news publications & social media
– Unblocks restricted YouTube videos
– Hides your IP by changing your location
– Secures all your devices w/ desktop clients & mobile apps
– Choose from 11 countries: Germany, Romania, Hong Kong, United States, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, Singapore, Netherlands & Spain
– Browse swiftly w/ turbo-speed Internet connections
– Block malicious sites

Normally $840, you can get lifetime access for $49.

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  1. You say the offer is Lifetime but when I bought it and gave the code to Zenmate they indicate I’ve got 10 years. Do you know something about my lifespan that I don’t know? $50 for 10 years is still a good deal but the term Lifetime is misleading.

    Also I tried paying with 2 different credit cards and both were denied. I finally had to use my Paypal account. When I contacted the card companies the charge requests never reached them so you’ve got problems in how you’re dealing with credit cards.

  2. It sounds fishy to me $50 for 10 years ๐Ÿ˜ I’ve had some issues with zenmate, so I switched to Hide My IP its a hassle-free ZenMate alternative. At $2.95/month you get a Smart DNS Proxy service, full access to all IPs in over 90 cities worldwide, and can run single VPN on 5 devices simultaneously.