By David Ponce

I have this TV. And it’s gorgeous. I bought it 18 months ago (though this one is the new 2011 model). I didn’t use money. I used debt. Yeah… quite a bit of debt to be honest, since at the time the thing was a cool $3k! But when I saw it in person, I couldn’t resist. I’m still paying for it every month and will for some time too and don’t mind so much. Though to be honest, patience really is a virtue since you can now own this for all of $1,499 with a Blu-Ray player thrown in. That’s after a 36%, $830 rebate.

Let me tell you, the UN55D6000 (sexy name) is slim like you wouldn’t believe. You can actually hang it like a painting, without needing one of those bulky metal mounts. The image is sharp and the contrast and color just take your breath away. True story. The fact that this post is sponsored has nothing to do with it. So get on it, only a few days left on this deal.

[ Samsung 55-Inch LED HDTV At $830 Off ] VIA [ LogicBuy ]