Defusable Alarm Clock

Defusable Alarm Clock (Image courtesy Mike Krumpus)

Defusable Alarm Clock (Image courtesy Mike Krumpus)
By Andrew Liszewski

Sugar and caffeine can’t hold a candle to a shot of adrenaline when it comes to waking you up. Which is why we feel this bomb-shaped alarm clock, which looks like it was ordered directly from the ACME catalog, would be far more effective than the countless number of alarm clocks we’ve brought you in the past. Designed and built by Mike Krumpus from Nootropic Design, when the countdown for the alarm starts you have to snip one of 3 wires to ‘diffuse’ the situation. And every time the countdown begins it’s a different randomly selected wire that does the trick.

Now granted, having to replace the wires every single night before going to bed is probably kind of annoying. And knowing the bomb is actually made from paper towel tubes takes away some of the adrenaline producing fear that would help wake you up in the morning. (Even though the clay version pictured below is certainly convincing.) But if it’s fear and adrenaline you’re after I’d suggest packing one of these in your luggage and convincing airport security it’s just a travel alarm.

Defusable Alarm Clock (Image courtesy Mike Krumpus)

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