winning_design.jpgBy David Ponce

You guys have been asking for it, so we’re doing it! We’ve decided to partner up with Splitreason and print us a T-Shirt. And we want all y’all to help us get a great design. So what better way than to get our overproductive, blog-readin’, gadget-addicted, OhGizmo-lovin’ readers involved? And if we choose your design, here’s what you’ll get:

$200 to be paid out to you any way you want… As long it’s not an annoying way, or a stupid way, or any sort of way that would involve you trying to be some sort of funny.

OBR001_L2small.jpgThe Oberon Watch from our good friends at Tokyoflash. Long time readers of the site will know they make the most attention grabbing, impossible to read, wrist-worn conversation starters money can buy. That’s a $145 value. By the way, our man Paul at Tokyoflash would like to inform readers that they’re offering a 1,000 yen discount to everyone who plays their Hanami game and makes a purchase by April 7th.

neuros osd.jpgOne Neuros OSD. It’s an awesome little device that allows you to extract all video content from any source and digitize it. That way, you can backup all your VHS, home videos, etc. for later enjoyment, or you can simply transfer them to a mobile device in a variety of formats. That’s a $180 value.

You should also know that once the design is selected, the winner showered with presents and the T-Shirt starts selling like hotcakes… we’ll donate $1 per shirt from the first production run to a charity to be chosen by you guys.

Now, since this involves money and all that, we need us some rules. Recently, Joystiq did a similar T-Shirt contest, and we liked their rules so much, we’re swiping them and modifying for our use. So hit the jump for the nitty-gritty.

  1. The design must be your original work and you must own the rights to it.
  2. Please limit your use of color to 5.
  3. Placement of the design on the shirt is up to you. Front, back, sleeve, whatever your creative heart desires.
  4. The design must look good!
  5. The design must incorporate our logo (TIFF version here).
  6. By submitting your design you give us non-exclusive rights to use the image in the design of an OhGizmo! t-shirt as well as for other OhGizmo! promotional materials.
  7. Submissions: send your design and a short description of it to ogcontests at gmail. Format of submission is unimportant. Just make sure the image is large enough and clear enough for us to evaluate it and show it to the readers. If we choose your design, we’ll need a high resolution PSD or a vector file.
  8. We reserve the right to select no design at all if none of the submissions thrill us.
  9. Residents of the world are invited to enter the contest, provided your local laws allow you to enter such contests.
  10. Deadline for entries: April 14th, 2008.
  11. Winner will be decided by a panel of OhGizmo! judges by April 15th, with input from readers.
  12. Submit as many designs as you like. Remember, we’re looking for a good design, so we encourage multiple submissions because that gives us more to choose from.

So that’s it. Start designing. And for this post it would be great if you could start suggesting your favorite charity. If we see a consensus start forming, then we’ll know where to go.


  1. Alex, yes, the logo is the one you see in the banner. However, you can grab yourself a high-resolution version by carefully reading rule #5 up there. As for the T-Shirt design, it’s pretty generic. What we really need is the graphic that will go on the shirt.

  2. Just a quick note, I’ve temporarily disabled the link to the OhGizmo! logo. We’re actually uploading a better version so check back here soon to grab it again.

  3. Well, if nothing else I see that you actually read the comments section. I wouldn’t want to think my dry sarcastic wit is wasted.

    How long till the new logo graphic is up?

  4. Oh, we definitely read the comments, that’s half the fun. And the updated version of the logo is ready to download now. I hope I didn’t hinder anyone’s creative juices with the delay.

  5. What a perfect tim for bsod… Sorry, i an’t be bothered to make al my entries all over again. And me who had pretty much never had the screen before! 🙁