devolo dLAN Wireless Extender Starter Kit (Image courtesy devolo)By Andrew Liszewski

We’ve written about devolo dLAN products before because quite frankly the company makes some interesting network accessories. You see instead of rewiring your house with network cable the dLAN system allow you to use your existing electrical wiring for transmitting data. One of their latest products now uses that dLAN technology to extend your network even further via wifi.

The wireless starter kit includes the standard dLAN ethernet adapter which connects to your computer and then plugs into a nearby power socket. The kit also includes the dLAN wireless extender which can be plugged into a power socket in any room of your house creating a wifi hotspot and extending an existing one. The company claims the dLAN system allows for up to 85 Mbit/s transfer rate via the power circuit and up to 54 Mbit/s via the wireless LAN so while it’s not the fastest network solution out there it is the easiest as far as I’m concerned and more than adequate for sharing an internet connection.

The dLAN Wireless Extender Starter Kit is available for about $275 while additional dLAN Wireless Extenders run about $200 each.

[ devolo dLAN Wireless Extender Starter Kit ] VIA [ Tech Digest ]


  1. devolo? – sounds like an overpriced Brand “X”. Lame.

    Netgear – a proven brand – sells this same setup for $100. Works well.

  2. Davalo products work really welll – my house is old; thick stone walls; and no wifi seems to like it (including pre-n stuff). It is a german company. for me; using it feels julst like an ethernet connection – never cuts out. works flawlessly. Exensive; i agree; but my only viable solution (other than cabling the house)