Diesel Spring/Summer 08 Catwalk Show (Images courtesy CR Blog)
By Andrew Liszewski

Besides all the fashions and clothing no one will ever actually wear the Diesel Spring/Summer 08 Catwalk Show incorporated something that would actually appeal to the gadget crowd. The theme of the show was “Liquid Space” so Diesel’s creative team worked with animation studio Dvein and multimedia production agency Vizoo to create large animated holograms that would accompany the models up and down the catwalk.

While details on how it works are a little vague they apparently projected the visuals through a series of plastic “foils” placed at 45 degree angles so the images appeared to hang in mid-air and so the models could walk right through them. They also had to set up two separate versions of the display rigs so that the holograms would be visible to people sitting on both sides of the stage.

I have to admit the results were really impressive and I’ve included a couple of 10 minute videos after the jump so you can see what the holographic animations looked like on stage.

[ Diesel Show: Underwater Magic ]


  1. awesome!
    however i dunno bout your comment “the fashions and clothing no one will ever actually wear”, did u ever see the devil wears prada? everything we wear is chosen for us!!