Digital Luggage Scale (Image courtesy Magellan's)By Andrew Liszewski

Now you can avoid those condescending stares from ticket agents and the embarrassing looks from other passengers when your luggage weighs in over the 70 lb international limit at the check-in counter. Just attach this easy to use digital scale to the handle of your suitcase, lift it up, wait for the beep and then set it back down. The LCD display will show the weight of the bag letting you know if you’ve amassed far too many souvenirs to bring home.

I have to admit the only times I’ve ever had trouble with overweight suitcases involved traveling home from tradeshows. And it wasn’t souvenirs that were the problem. Surprisingly it was the stacks and stacks of brochures and literature collected over only a few days that added all the extra weight.

The Digital Luggage Scale is available from Magellan’s for $24.85.

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  1. Another potential use would be for checking on thieving baggage handlers AT the airport, instead of noticing you’ve got stuff missing once you’re home. Your baggage weighed 30 pounds when you checked it in, and now only weighs 25 pounds? Hmmmmm…

  2. I would like to see something like this built into luggage handles, and you could see as you where shopping how much your stuff weighs, therefore mening that you don’t waste money on things you can’t bring home due to luggage restrictions.