Digital Thermometer That Pages


Thermometer BeeperBy Andrew Liszewski

Timers are rarely the best way to accurately tell when food is ready to eat. To know for sure when meats are properly cooked a food probe is the way to go, however you need to keep a constant eye on them until the desired temperature is reached. Until now that is.

This Digital Thermometer available from Smarthome includes a removeable remote beeper you can take with you. Simply set your target temperature and when it’s reached the oven thermometer’s alert will sound and the pager will beep. For foods where temperature is not as important, it includes standard timer functions that will also trigger the pager.

With only a 100 foot range, you won’t be running out to the store while dinner is cooking but for $29.99 this would make a great addition to any kitchen.

[Digital Thermometer With Remote Beeper] VIA [The Red Ferret Journal]