Getting the dreaded cancer diagnostic isn’t only traumatic for what it entails for your survival chances, it also brings with it a host of realities that are inevitable even if you’re lucky enough to be treated early and make it out alive. One of these is learning to cope with the hair loss that comes with the chemotherapy treatments. In an effort to reduce this unwelcome side-effect, a company called DigniCap has invented a special silicone cap that contains channels for cooling fluid to flow through. Cooling your scalp during treatment constricts the blood vessels, allowing less of the drug to reach the hair follicles and minimizing the damage. It’s not a perfect solution, since 7 out of 10 patients still lost about 50% of their hair during the company’s US clinical trial. Still, the FDA-cleared device does offer some improvement over doing nothing at all, which could give already-traumatized patients the extra boost of morale that they desperately need.


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