Remember Tiffany? No, not that stuck-up girl from high school who had rich parents that bought her a new Porsche after turning 16. I’m talking about the jewelry company that your grandma used to talk about 30 years ago. Well, apparently someone told them that Supreme is able to slap their name on a plain t-shirt and watch it sell for hundreds of dollars, because now they’re selling a tin can for $1,000.

Oh, but don’t worry this isn’t an ordinary tin can. This one is made of silver and Vermeil, which is apparently gold coated in silver. So, it’s made with gold, but still looks a regular aluminum tin can, genius.

Look people, we have to agree right now not to tell other companies about Supreme. Before you know it, we’ll have the GAP selling overalls at $199, Homegoods will sell an X-shaped mirror for $649 and Sketchers will start selling their sneakers exclusively in Manhattan, starting at $1,999 a pair.

Gizmodo ]