Disc Pod Dispenser (Image courtesy Maplin)By Andrew Liszewski

If taking the ‘cake box’ lid off the top of your DVD spindle is proving to be too much of a chore you’ll be glad to know there’s an easier solution. The Disc Pod Dispenser can be filled with up to 100 blank CDs or DVDs and will eject a single disc at the push of a button.

It also allows you to use the ‘cake box’ lids off your existing spindles but I really don’t see why that would be considered an advantage assuming the device comes with one already. Oh and if you’re like me and have 5 or 6 spindles of different media types you use every day you’ll need to have quite a few of these sitting on your desk.

The Disc Pod Dispenser is available from Maplin for about $14.

[ Disc Pod Dispenser ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]