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DiskGO 128GB Flash Drive

DiskGO 128GB Flash Drive

DiskGO 128GB Flash Drive (Image courtesy EDGE Tech Corporation)By Andrew Liszewski

Kingston may claim to be the first company to offer a 128GB flash drive, but DiskGO has already beaten them when it comes to pricing. While Kingston’s asking a wallet-lightening $546 for their 128GB DataTraveler, the DiskGO 128GB model will sell for a mere $389.95 when it becomes available sometime after July 31. And that’s with free shipping!

Of course if you don’t need 128GB right now it’s probably not a bad idea to wait it out because it’s inevitable that one day we’ll all have a drawer full of ‘tiny’ 128GB flash drives from trade shows or other promotions that aren’t even worth giving away.

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