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When you talk about information technology, one of the areas that often gets left behind in the conversation is one of the most vital. For small businesses without the ability to field their own IT department, getting the right kind of tech support is a matter that is make or break to their bottom line. For tech support businesses with small and medium sized clients, it’s critical to use your resources in the most effective manner possible. You can’t go dashing out of the office for a service call every time the phone rings, likewise small businesses need their IT to be responsible and responsive to their needs. There is a way to satisfy both sides with the use of video conferencing taken to the next level.

Part of the Job
Understandably, small businesses can be very conservative with their technology spend, and may have workers who first began using computers back with Windows NT4 or even earlier versions. Old habits are hard to change, and it’s a sure thing that there are still clients in your roster who are stubbornly running Windows XP. In fact, Naked Security reveals that 10 percent of Windows desktops are still running Windows XP.

Part of the job of operating a tech support company is not only fixing the problems, but advising clients in the best practices of securing their data, upgrading their hardware, and modernizing within their budgets. It’s your job to put a face on technology that is a friendly one, and one that fits a small business and teaches the employees to use the software and hardware competently.

However, getting your clients to adopt new technology can be a bit of an uphill climb. One of the best ways is to implement business video conferencing for IT using a cloud-based app like BlueJeans. Cloud-based applications are an easy sell, because they are easy on the budget. Implementing video conferencing as a part of your tech support business, allows customers to see you face-to-face, access content from the cloud, and even train them in the use of new software and hardware. By using a scalable solution, you can speak to individuals or even large groups from a room-based system, your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Cloudy Concerns
Some clients may have concerns about the security of cloud, and there is no denying that it can be a scary digital world. Even InfoWorld admits that there are 12 major security threats in the cloud, ranging from the ubiquitous data breach to the everyday malice of phishing, fraud, and malware. One of the things to impress upon your client is that with cloud-based applications, data is actually more secure than it is on a proprietary server, or sitting on someone’s desktop that still has “password1234” as the password. Cloud-based servers are maintained and updated far more frequently than an individual desktop or server. By switching to cloud-based applications and storage, they are reducing the likelihood of a crippling data breach or ransomware stickup.

Icing on the Cake
Additionally, businesses using videoconferencing software to communicate with their clients, or hold meetings that would otherwise require travel, a serious advantage over their competition that does not use videoconferencing all. A small business that can respond more quickly, and intuitively puts clients’ needs and grant needed face time is going to win out over a slower and less technologically fluent. Working with you over a videoconferencing connection, will showcase the advantages of deploying such a system that include being able to work with clients and businesses out of their geographic area.

The Advantage is Yours
By being able to reach frantic tech support clients from wherever you are you are able to your bottom line without adding more staff and payroll. Essentially you can be in two places at once can be with client solving the problem that does not require your presence while you are on the way to take care of one that does. Likewise after installing new software, you can hold classes by videoconference to teach businesses how to use it. They can even access a recording of the seminar at a later time for reference. There are so many different ways to use video in your tech support business that you will come up with lots of interesting directions to take.

Value of videoconferencing, is not. By using advanced web-based application, you are adding value to those billable hours that would otherwise be spent traveling and crawling under desks. You have probably used videoconferencing when it comes to keeping your certifications up to date, or speaking with other tech professionals. There is absolutely no reason not to take the next step up. After all, even those on the leading edge need to sharpen up once in a while.