The selfie truly is the defining activity of the last few years; it is the one thing future historians are sure to note about human behaviour in the early 21st century. But with the development of the above device by researchers at Cornell university, you can use your phone’s camera for more than narcissistic self-indulgence: you can test for your cholesterol levels without going to a specialized laboratory. As long as you don’t mind drawing a bit of blood and putting it on a reagent strip, the device is then able to use your phone’s flash and camera to accurately measure cholesterol levels. This is something that normally would take expensive equipment and had to be performed by professionals. One day soon however, you might be able to perform these tests routinely at home and email the results to your physician for closer tracking.

There is no word on pricing or availability, but the researchers are also allegedly working on improving the device so that it may track vitamin D levels as well.

[ Full Research Paper ] VIA [ Mashable ]