Dr. Who Ride-in Daleks (Image courtesy Zappies)
By Andrew Liszewski

Listen, I’m not saying this ride-in Dalek toy isn’t amazingly cool, I just don’t think it’s targeted at the right demographic. Dr. Who has never really been a Saturday morning or after-school type TV series, and I feel that 99% of the kids out there today will have no clue what a Dalek is. I mean I didn’t even know how to pronounce it correctly until I watched this promotional video of kids who are unrealistically excited to ride around in these.

Available in 5 colors, each Dalek stands ~50 inches tall, features 360 degree steering, 10 Dalek sounds and sayings, lights and is powered by an included 6V rechargeable battery. The not so cool parts? They’ll set you back ~$317!! (£199.99) AND are only recommended for kids aged 3-6. Lame!

[ Dr. Who Ride-in Dalek ] VIA [ Nerd Approved ]


  1. Please note: Properly, it is written Doctor Who, never abbreviated to Dr.
    And sadly, you may be correct in assuming that 99% of American kids won't know a Dalek from a potato, but quite the opposite is true in the UK. 99% of the children who have a grasp of the concept of language can say 'Doctor Who. Dalek scary!'

  2. Hi, Dr Who is very popular here in the UK, and there is a spin off show for smaller kids that is shown on children's TV as well as early Saturday evening shows of the main series for the older kids.