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I can’t think of a gamer I know that actually enjoys knowing that their software is locked down with DRM. All too often the player’s rights are abused because the publisher is worried about pirates. The funny thing is that rarely does it actually deter such people, and only serves to harm the paying customer. EA in particular has come under heavy fire thanks to the SecuROM that has been featured in several titles, which caused some serious issues. Hell, they had to release a special tool not long ago just so you can properly uninstall such games without causing issues. Surely someone over there might be thinking twice about continuing down that same path, right?

Apparently there is, at least in the Bioware division. According to the Bioware community manager, “we’re happy to announce that the boxed/retail PC version of Dragon Age: Origins will use only a basic disk check and it will not require online authentication.” Now that’s some good news. I’m really looking forward to that game, and I was a bit worried about having to deal with the SecuROM. Now lets just hope that the same courtesy is extended to future titles distributed by EA.

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