Dreams Money-Saving BanClock (Image courtesy AudioCubes.com)By Andrew Liszewski

Oh look! Another wacky alarm clock design. This time around though instead of just annoying the crap out of you every morning until you solve a puzzle, hit a target or just plain yank the power cord out of the wall, this Money-Saving BanClock requires you to insert a coin of any denomination or currency before it will shut up.

According to AudioCubes.com, if you’re generous enough to feed it a quarter every morning the clock/bank is able to hold about $25 before it needs to be emptied, but I’m sure after a few weeks most people will fall back on the trusty ol’ penny if they haven’t already disabled the alarm clock altogether. And if you’re really serious about saving money, you can probably just place a coin jar next to your regular alarm clock instead of spending $59.99 for this one.

[ Dreams Money-Saving BanClock ] VIA [ Chip Chick ]