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Dual Quad Driver Surround Sound Headphones

By Evan Ackerman


Lots of headphones claim virtual surround sound through some clever audio manipulation, but wouldn’t it be much simpler to just shove all of the speaker components of a physical surround sound system into the headphones themselves? This is what Turtle Beach has tried to do with their Ear Force AK-R8 headphones. Each earpiece has a dedicated sub driver, plus individual center, front, and surround sound drivers, reproducing 5.1 channels of audio. They plug into your computer via a USB interface with a built in sound card, but also include an S/PDIF adapter to plug into your stereo. As to whether this effectively reproduces a good surround sound system, we’ll have to wait for a review… But regardless, eight drivers must make for some awesomely loud music, and for reasonably cheap at a nickel under $150.

[ Ear Force AK-R8 ] VIA [ Engadget ]