Duct Tape Wallet Kit (Image courtesy MyDuctbills)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve come across numerous make-your-own duct tape wallet tutorials online over the years and from what I remember none of them were really that difficult to follow. However if you’re insistent on constructing your own wallet rather than buying a pre-made one and need a bit more assistance in the process than by all means please order this Duct Tape Wallet Kit from the masters at db clay.

The kit includes step-by-step instructions written by people who really know what they’re doing when it comes to duct tape wallets as well as all the materials you’ll need including three strips of colored duct tape that can be used for custom decorations.

The Duct Tape Wallet Kits are available here for only $20 with free shipping for a limited time.

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  1. I am so pumped to see this up here!
    My 60 year old dad was one of our beta testers and we have his finished wallet hanging proud in our studio.

    He gave me the full report and said “if I can make one of these than anyone can”.

    Go Duct Tape!!!

  2. This is the most lame thing ever. This thing is so putrid, it is against everything ductape stands for.
    Duct Tape, by itself is an item that is notorious for being a “low budget” solution to high cost items. Duct tape fixes all, and we use it cause we can’t afford to do better.

    SO what the heck is this? $20 for a kit to make a wallet out of duct tape?
    . . .
    . . .
    Why… would i buy this kit, when for half that price I could just buy a leather wallet??
    Why would I buy this kit, when for the price of a roll of duct tape. I could go online, get free instructions…and make my own for a couple bucks.(if not less).

    Erf… I am just beside myself with disgustipation. -_- bah… Humbug.

  3. Whoa kerosene!
    In defense of the kit:

    1. Duct Tape stands to stick things together, nothing else. It is people with creativity that have created the culture… not 3M or Nashua.
    2. Nothing is a high cost solution for Duct Tape because nothing compares. It is almost from another planet.
    3. If you are buying a leather wallet for $10 then it is probably pleather and much like the quality it is exactly half the fun.

    I understand your position and we have heard that from a small group of people just like you. However that group never seems to get around to pulling out a roll of duct tape and making a cool wallet they can be proud of. “Humbug” is fitting. I usually don’t get this defensive but we are proud of this kit.