Duke Nukem Forever Reviewed


By Chris Scott Barr

Duke Nukem Forever has been the punching bag of the gaming world for the last decade or so. With roughly 14 years in development, it’s not hard to figure out why. Last week the game actually hit store shelves, which is something many of us thought would never actually happen. But after more than a dozen years of waiting, is the game really worth it?

It’s almost difficult to judge a game that has been in production for as long as this one. The main reason is that with so much hype, and simply knowing that there have been so many years poured into one game that it must be a masterpiece. You’ll have to head over to GamerFront to catch the full review, but if you’re expecting a perfect game, the Duke won’t be delivering. However, if you’re looking to blow up aliens in the most crude and vulgar game that you’ve seen in a long time, well you’re going to be in luck.

VIA [ GamerFront ]