By David Edney

It’s not that techy, but it’s pretty cool. You know how we all get so into our gaming that we forget to eat and drink because we can’t afford to pull away our finders from the w, a, s, d, directional keys. This will sorta solve both of those problems. With this Dunkmug you can have your drink and eat your cookies too. For $24.95 you’ll be living in milk and cookies heaven, or whatever else you dunk your cookies in. Spare your growling tummy and get some sugar in your system so you can game all night long.

[This seems totally retarded to me. What happens when you take a swig of hot coffee with the left hand, and your cookies just fall on your lap? You’d have to remember to grab the thing with your right hand, and frankly, why can’t you just put the darn cookies on a plate instead? -Ed.]

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