Dupont Self-Charging Smoke Alarm


Dupont Self-Charging Smoke Alarm (Image courtesy of first STREET)By Andrew Liszewski

Besides flashlights, another household item that usually doesn’t get the attention it deserves when it comes to fresh batteries is the smoke alarm. And this unfortunately can result in consequences far more dire than stubbing your toe in the dark.

Dupont is hoping to do away with the need for constantly swapping out that 9-volt battery with a self-charging smoke alarm. Just screw the unit into a ceiling light socket, then screw the lightbulb into the alarm and you’ll have a smoke detector and light source all in one. The unit charges whenever the light is on, and in case the battery gets too low an audible warning will sound. However when fully charged the smoke alarm will operate for 30 days without needing additional power. Another great feature is that the unit can be easily tested or silenced simply by flipping the light switch.

The Dupont Self-Charging Smoke Alarm is currently available at first STREET for $33.96.

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  2. If you have a lamp in your house, then you have a bare bulb. Just screw the smoke alarm in, then put the bulb in. This way you have protection, but its hidden from view.

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