Dynaflex Powerball Docking Station (Images courtesy Edmund Scientific's)
By Andrew Liszewski

Where I used to work we were given a Powerball as a promotional gift, and being able to get it up to speed from a dead stop was as much a workout as keeping it going once it was spinning. So to me, this Docking Station that will automatically get the Powerball spinning at up to 18,000 RPM at the push of a button is kind of a cheat. Of course there were some people at the office who were never able to get it going from a dead stop, and for those lacking the necessary coordination and natural rhythm this is probably a necessity. But as far as I’m concerned being able to do it all on your own is half the challenge.

You can find the Docking Station which includes a Dynaflex Powerball at Edmund Scientific’s for $59.95.

[ Dynaflex Powerball & Docking Station ]


  1. Wow, I remember pouring over the Edmund Scientific’s cheap paper catalog years ago, looking at all the stuff I had no use for but desperately wanted. Good crap used to be so much harder to find.