By Wes Dores

While switches that control various lights in and around the house are not exactly breakthrough technology, these usually suffer from the problem of relatively poor labelling. When you have a 6 bedroom mansion… what does “Bedroom 4” mean to you? You’d have to actually remember stuff, and then what’s the point in having all that money anyway?

Well, with Clipsal’s new Dynamic Labelling Technology™, “Bedroom 4” becomes “That messy twirp’s room”. It has editable LCD Labels with Dynamic Graphic Displays that you determine. Features include downloadable bitmaps per group address or scene, dimmable White LEDs backlighting for the LCD, dimmable Blue LEDs on each button… yes it’s got lots of LEDs which look really funky at night!

It supports up to 8 languages as well. Bitmaps for the 64 x 128 pixel LCD screen can be defined in the C-Bus toolkit software and downloaded to the unit via a C-Bus network.

Check it out here.