e-pill MD.2 Automated Pill Dispenser (Image courtesy e-pill)By Andrew Liszewski

While I’m not particularly keen on the idea of popping pills for every little ache or pain I understand for some people it’s not really an option, particularly as we grow older. If someone in your care currently has a daily regiment of medication they need to take but you’re worried they may not always remember then an automated dispenser like the MD.2 might be one way to go.

The Monitored Automatic Medication Dispenser can be loaded with any type of pills or capsules and uses small plastic reusable cups to deliver the medication. With a twice a day delivery interval the MD.2 can operate for up to a month before it needs a refill but can also be set to deliver medications up to 6 times a day as needed. But I think the feature caregivers will be most interested is the MD.2’s built-in reminders alerting the patient that medication has been dispensed. These include a loud voice alarm, a text reminder and a flashing light that can be customized for messages such as ‘take with food’. Of course if these are still not noticed or are being deliberately ignored the MD.2 is able to contact the caregiver over the phone alerting them to the problem. (It will also call if and when it runs out of medication.)

The MD.2 dispenser is currently available for $749.95 with an additional but optional $29.95 a month fee for the monitoring service.

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