ear conduction earphonesBy David Ponce

This little gem’s got our WTF-Department’s panties in a bunch. See, there’s a number of headphones/earbuds/headsets out there that help you filter out ambient noise, so that the person you’re talking to can hear you clearly. Some of these use bone conduction to zero-in on your words, instead of the jackhammer to your left. But this guy, the “InCore” from company Nap Enterprise Co. claims to pick up your spoken words… through your ear. Yeah, sounds weird to us to, and we’re not sure just how this would work. They even claim a 30dB reduction in ambient noise, through

a pad made from five layers of silicone rubber that are gathered together in a fluted shape so that sounds need to travel in air between layers of silicone.

Even this description’s got us scratching our heads, though we think they just mean it’s a regular rubber pad that slides into your ear. But we’re paying attention anyway, because if this works, it would mean that we could get our callers to hear us in noise environments, without us having to stick something or other to our skulls.

We’re hearing that these are set to come out next month, at prices ranging from $160 to $225, depending on whether it’s wired or not. Oh, and it’s in Japan.

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