Sony Spin N Snap

By Luke Anderson

I’m a person that has two digital cameras. One is a pretty nice Kodak that takes pretty nice shots and has quite a few manual settings which I can adjust for a better picture, the other is a simple HP that doesn’t have a lot of features, but actually fits into my pocket. Both cameras serve me well in different situations. I tend to drool over some of the other cameras on the market, as I know they could do much better than the ones I have. The Sony Spin N Snap is not one of them.

I know that this camera wasn’t designed with picture quality in mind, however, I couldn’t ever see it used for a practical purpose. The camera is made to appeal to the eco-friendly crowd by eliminating the need for an external power source. You have to spin the wheel at the top for 15 seconds, then you can take a picture. That’s a lot of time to spend just for one snapshot. Honestly, I’ll go a month or two without charging up either of my cameras. I think there are more power-hungry gadgets that they might concern themselves with.

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