By Luke Anderson

Have you ever thought about switching to a Mac, but decided against it due to the high cost? I can’t really blame you, as I’ve been meaning to save up for another one for several years now. Sure, you can go the Hackentosh route (which I have done) but you need very specific hardware and a good bit of patience to get everything working right. However, thanks to the EFiX USB Dongle, you might have an easier time.

Essentially what this little dongle does is allow you to install Leopard from a standard retail CD onto a variety of PCs. The compatibility list with various motherboards is fairly large, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one that will work. The device will set you back $125, which means you could build a Hackentosh for a fraction of the price of a full Mac.

[ EFiX ] VIA [ EverythingUSB ]


  1. Is the real EFiX USB Dongle already spotted in the wild?
    cause it is very interesting to have one (maybe duplicate it)
    only what i’ve heard tey weren’t spotted yet