Elecom Disc Scratcher


cd shredder

By David Edney

You need to get rid of some confidential discs and don’t want anyone to access the data on them? All you have to do is throw down $26 and get your very own USB Disc-Scratcher. Like any good gadget, it’s USB powered so it helps keep the wires clutter down. In about 5 seconds it will scratch the crap out of your disc and will also make it look pretty after. Maybe you can wear it around your neck then. It would be cooler if it made different designs or if you could spell something out with the scratches. But, as one smart person pointed out somewhere, you could always just buff out the scratches; it’s the foil and the dye on the top of the disc you want to ruin. I guess you could just turn it over and use the scratcher, or just do what everyone else does and break the disc in half and save yourself the $26.

VIA New Launches


  1. Yes, i saw that in muthbusters. But I prefeer to use the CD as a frezbee. After hitting a wall for the third time, i guarantee the cd is succesfuly destroyed.