Elecom Rinkak Mouse (Images courtesy nendo & Elecom)
By Andrew Liszewski

Cordless mice certainly have their advantages when it comes to keeping your desk free of tangled cables, but they also require batteries and tend to be a bit heavier than their tethered brethren. So to show that corded mice are still very much alive, well and occasionally even appreciated, Elecom has once again teamed up with Japanese design studio nendo.

If you recall, their last collaboration resulted in the jellyfish-inspired Otokurage earbuds, and this time around it’s the Rinkak mouse which not only still uses a USB cable, but is damned proud of it. So much so that the cord actually appears to be integrated into the mouse’s design. In Japanese, ‘Rinkak’ is a term that “refers to an object’s outline against its background” (silhouette?) so in this case it’s the colored cable that encircles and stands out against the mouse’s white facade. The mice will be available in Japan at the end of June for a yet to be specified price, and internationally sometime after that.

[ PR – Elecom rinkak Mouse ] VIA [ Dezeen ]