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Electricity + Water = Fire

The Aqueon FireplaceBy Asim Waqar

Man has been able to create fire from: wood, fossil fuels, atomic collisions, and now water— you heard me, water.

Heat & Glo gave the world the direct vent gas fireplace (which allows you to place your gas fireplace safely in any location). Now the world’s largest manufacturer of fireplaces has unleashed the Aqueon.

This fireplace is a modern marvel as well as a visual delight. The Aqueon produces heat from hydrogen fueled flames released when a current is passed through water (electrolysis). The color of the flame (adjustable) is augmented by the oxygen released in the same process, and the excess oxygen is left to wander in your well heated living space.

Due out this summer, and not a price tag in sight, this fireplace produces 31,000 BTU’s, running on 220V and a supply of water (tap is fine, distilled is preferred).


Visit it yourself at

PS In case I forgot to mention it: wow.

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