Electrolux KaionWAVE (Image courtesy the Appliancist)By Andrew Liszewski

So this one’s a bit heavier on the concept side but I think some of the ideas here are really good. The KaionWAVE was born in the design labs of Electrolux and instead of using soap and water to clean clothes it relies on ultraviolet-C light. Of course in order for this washer to actually work it also requires all of us to be wearing special nano-coated fabrics that many already foresee as being the future of clothing.

Inside the KaionWAVE these nano-coated fabrics are cleaned with a combination of the ultraviolet-C light and free radical oxygen. The light is able to penetrate the fabrics all the way through killing viruses and bacteria while the oxygen works a powerful oxidizing agent to break down dirt into CO2 and water. And since this is only a concept the designers have also decided that the KaionWAVE will rely on wireless induction technology for its power needs allowing you to easily place the unit anywhere in your home.

[ Electrolux KaionWAVE Concept @ Appliancist ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]