Electronic Blinking Eyeballs

Electronic Blinking Eyeballs (Image courtesy ThinkGeek)

Electronic Blinking Eyeballs (Image courtesy ThinkGeek)
By Andrew Liszewski

Working in a home office can get a little boring at times, so ThinkGeek has once again come to the rescue with this pair of electronic blinking eyes from Japan that will allow you to anthropomorphize any inanimate object in your home to become your new best friend. They attach to almost anything via suction cups or hooks and the mechanical shutter mechanism stays synced between the two eyes at all times thanks to an IR signal. At three inches in size they’re probably better suited for bringing larger items like filing cabinets or fridges to life, and each eye is powered by 3xAAA batteries. $34.99, sold in a pair of course. No discounts for cyclops fans.

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