Electronic Musician's Emergency Adapters (Images courtesy  EMEA & Gear Diary)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re a musician, a DJ, or have to deal with AV systems on a regular basis you might be interested in the Electronic Musician’s Emergency Adapters kit. It’s basically just a nylon bag full of essential audio adapters you might not think you’ll need, but could end up saving your butt at one point. The idea was originally conceived by electronic musician Liz Mclean Knight, but to be honest anyone who does this type of thing for a living probably already has a similar collection on hand. Liz just had the idea to sell it as an emergency kit. And if you’re curious, here’s a run-down on what you’ll find in the bag.

(1) 1/8” male stereo plug <-> (2x) 1/8” female stereo jack
(1) (2x) mono RCA male plug <-> 1/8″ male stereo plug (6′ cable + hook & loop cable tie)
(2) 1/8″ male stereo plug <-> 1/4″ female stereo jack
(1) 1/8″ (2x) female stereo jack <-> 1/8″ male stereo plug
(2) 1/8″ female coupler
(1) 1/4″ male stereo plug <-> (2x) female stereo 1/4″ jacks
(1) 1/4″ male stereo plug <-> (2x) female stereo ¼” jacks (Y-cable) (2) 1/4″ male stereo plug <-> 1/8″ female stereo jack
(2) 1/4″ female stereo coupler
(2) XLR female jack <-> 1/4″ male stereo plug
(2) XLR male plug <-> 1/4″ male stereo plug
(2) RCA mono female jack <-> 1/4″ male stereo plug
(2) RCA mono female coupler

It even includes a small red LED flashlight attached to the drawstring which should help you find the adapter you’re looking for, even in a darkened theater or club.

While buying all of these adapters separately might actually be cheaper than the $65 they’re charging for the kit, it’s definitely not easier, which is probably the biggest selling point.

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  1. I swear I saw this same kit on another blog? hmmm. I collect that stuff, it always comes in handy. It seems like eventually you end up needing something that you would never have though you needed. I have used all that stuff up there at one time or another, but I never throw ’em away because you never know.