Electronic Star Wars Battleship


Electronic Star Wars Battleship (Images courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer)
By Andrew Liszewski

It seems fitting that a game like Monopoly has sold out to so many different variations, but save for a facelift here and there most classic board games have remained exactly the same for years now. Well it looks like Battleship has now gone the Monopoly route with an electronic Star Wars themed version. Personally I’m no Battleship loyalist, and as a Stars Wars fan I think this is pretty cool. Instead of sinking aircraft carriers, patrol boats and of course battleships, you get to destroy Star Destroyers, X-Wings and even the Millennium Falcon.

An exciting edition of a classic board game, this electronic version evokes the sounds and images of Star Wars in four different strategy games, including solo play and player-to-player challenge. The system guides players through the different games with digitized voice commands, while the distinctive sound of ion cannons, concussion missiles, and proton torpedoes signal salvo launches as players try to knock out their opponents Star Destroyers, X-Wing Fighters, Millenium Falcon, and other iconic ships from the movie series.

As you can see the game folds up into a “laptop-computer-sized” case that conveniently holds all the pieces, stopping them from getting lost for at least a couple of weeks.

Star Wars Battleship is currently available from Hammacher Schlemmer for $59.95.

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