Elektra Nails

If you’re looking for a stylus that’s as compact as they come, then look no further than Elektra Nails. These are styluses that you can wear on your very own fingers. They’re actually shaped like fake fingernails, only they’ve got capacitive┬átips instead of being all sharp and pointy so you can tap, write, and doodle on your smartphone or tablet’s screen easily.

They come in a neutral color, which makes them appropriate for use by both men and women. The latter group of users will be happy to know that the nails are easily customizable, as the surface can be painted over with nail polish.

Users can choose to glue the nails onto their fingers, as they would with fake nails, in order to make it last longer. An alternative is attaching the nails with an adhesive strip.

The Elektra Nails are sold in packs of six, with the kit containing adhesive strips, glue, a cuticle stick, and a prep pad for $14.95.

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