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ELPA Universal Remote Includes A Wireless Speaker

ELPA Universal Remote Includes A Wireless Speaker

ELPA Speaker Remote (Image courtesy DVICE)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re constantly throwing things at your TV because the darn thing just doesn’t go loud enough for you, might I suggest this handy, yet unusual, universal remote control from ELPA. The design throws years and years of remote control ergonomics out the window, in favor of integrating a pop-up speaker in the lid. When used in conjunction with the included receiver unit connected to your TV, the remote’s speaker basically brings the sound to you. While it looks a bit odd at first, I don’t think it’s terrible idea, given developers have already found some unique uses for the speaker featured on the Wiimote.

The RC-25SP Universal Speaker Remote is available from ELPA for about $40.

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