A recording of your voice can easily be visualized in a computer with a waveform printout. You can say something cheesy like “I love you”, and you’ll see your voiceprint as a series of peaks and valleys representing the audio waves generated by your voice. Now a company called Encore Ring can take this waveform and turn it into a ring for you. When you visit the company website, you’ll be prompted to record a 3 second message which they’ll visualize for you and will even convert into a 3D model of the ring you could decide to purchase. You simply have to choose which type of metal you want, and select a ring size. Prices start at ¥12,960 (roughly $124USD) for a stainless steel ring, and go all the way up to ¥129,600 ($1,235USD) for Platinum.

It’s very similar to the Sound Advice Project we wrote about in 2009, and which proved to be a runaway success.


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