eNecessities Digital Photo Cube (Image courtey eNecessities)By Andrew Liszewski

So it seems like there’s a digital picture frame theme for the site today or maybe we’re just getting warmed up for the PMA show coming in a few weeks. Either way from eNecessities comes this tiny digital photo cube that seems to be aimed at people who like to cover their desks in family photos but have run out of room.

The cube itself is about 2.5 x 2.5 inches in size with the LCD screen coming in at a miniscule 1 inch square. The actual screen resolution is not indicated on the website which means you’re definitely not looking at megapixel numbers here. The internal memory can store about 30 photos and the device will sync to your PC via USB 2.0. And since eNecessities seems to deal with corporate branding it looks like these photo cubes can be purchased in bulk with your company’s logo printed on the side that can be further enhanced by the cube’s ‘mood light’ feature.

If you’re in the market for anywhere from 25 to 499 of the photo cubes expect to pay about $51.34 per unit but if you’re buying more than 500 the price comes down to $46.67.

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