sdio tv tunerBy David Ponce

Say you’ve got a SDIO-enabled, Windows Mobile based device; a shiny new smartphone, or a blinging PDA. Say also that you either got it as a gift, or sold your right hand for it and so now you can’t afford to pay for the data plans that would allow you to watch TV on it. Or you live in Timbuctu or some such place and digital TV on mobile devices is just fancy talk. Well, there’s hope.

Coming this March, company EOps Tech will be releasing this SDIO TV Tuner, allowing you to tune in to PAL or NTSC signals worldwide. The device comes with a lanyard-style antenna and built-in signal booster and its own battery, which lasts for up to 2.5 hours.

There’s no price I could see anyplace, but there are a bunch more specs inside. Out here, you get the product page: EOps Tech DVIO TV Tuner.

Here’s a full list of specs:

-TV tuner Module: Sony® super mini TV tuner module
Broadcast TV systems supported: PAL-I, PAL-D/K, PAL-B/G, PAL-D (China), NTSC-M (USA), NTSC-M (Japan) analog TV system VHF to UHF channels (43.25 MHz to 863.25MHz) including over-the-air analog broadcast.
Note: Strong TV signal is required for over-the-air broadcast reception

-Interface: 4-bit SDIO interface (SDIO NOW!)

-For outdoor use: lanyard style high-gain antenna with built-in signal booster

-For indoor use / poor signal environment: RF-IN connection to wall / external antenna

-Pocket PC: Microsoft Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition for Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 5.0

-Displays in selectable portrait or landscape orientation

-Audio output via stereo earphones for discrete listening (stereo earphones included)

-Powered by the included replaceable rechargeable high capacity 1200mAh Lithium Polymer battery or DC-IN (5V minimum current rating 500mA).
USB DC power cable is included. (Note: AC-DC adapter is not included)

-Battery life: up to 2.5 hours

-Foldable stand to improve viewing angle

VIA [Mobilewhack]


  1. who is Eops Tech competition with this latest fade? who else is coming out with a similar product or will macintosh come out out with its own? love to here from you!!!!