By Luke Anderson

The Back to the Future movies gave us many tech goodies to wish for. You’ve got hoverboards, self-tying shoes, flux capacitors and even a Mr. Fusion. Sure, I’d probably kill myself on a hoverboard, I’m perfectly capable of tying my own shoes and I know that with even just a quick trip to the past I’d manage to blink us all out of existence somehow. Now that Mr. Fusion would come in handy. Just think if you could dump some trash in it and power your car for a good while (yes, I know that the DeLorean’s engine wasn’t powered by Mr. Fusion, but work with me here). Well apparently such a contraption is real.

It’s not called the Mr. Fusion, probably because of trademarks rights, plus the fact that it isn’t actually performing fusion. The Gasifier uses heat to transform solid biomass into a synthetic “gas-like” fuel. They claim that through this process the device can transform almost any dry organic material into clean burning fuel. So how does one acquire such an interesting device? You build it yourself. Don’t worry, a full set of instructions is provided.

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