iPhone 4 Steering Wheel (Image courtesy Focalprice.com)
By Andrew Liszewski

When it comes to gaming the iPhone isn’t the perfect platform for every genre, but thanks to its built-in rotation sensor, it’s not too shabby when it comes to racing titles. And while I hate to give crapcessories like the countless number of steering wheel accessories any credence, they at least make it easier to hold your phone during a nail-biting race. Just don’t expect it to feel like you’re sitting in one of those gimballed simulators, even if they’re packing a bit more oomph in the sound department like this one.

Sitting just above where you mount your iPhone this wheel includes a set of 27mm speakers that connect to your device via its headphone jack. They’re not particularly massive or impressive, but they are powered by their own 3.7V li-ion battery so they should actually have a bit of kick, particularly since you’ll be holding them right in front of your face. $22.20 from Focalprice.com.

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  1. You only have a steering wheel. It doesn't make you any where near having the feel of driving. You only sit or stand in one spot and make circular motions.
    If the game steps up and tries to somehow make the user move on his spot, maybe this may give the user a “near-driving-feeling”.