Sky Umbrella by Tibor Kalman (Image courtesy MOMA Online Store)By Andrew Liszewski

Unless you have a green thumb, rainy days are typically an unwelcome event. In addition to trying to keep your headphones, iPod and cellphone relatively dry, you also have to deal with uninspiring grey clouds.

The Sky Umbrella, designed by the late Tibor Kalman is a simple idea that can help deal with all of the aforementioned problems. Besides keeping the rain off your toys, the underside of this umbrella is printed with a bright blue sky and white fluffy clouds that will help get you through the dreary weather until the sun shines again.

It’s $48.

[Sky Umbrella] VIA [The MOMA Store]


  1. Blauwe lucht

    Hoe koud het is, hoe hard het waait, hoe naar het ook regent, met de Sky Paraplu is het net zomer! Voor 48 dollar krijg je deze stevige paraplu die van de binnenkant voorzien is van een mooie, blauwe lucht…