Everyone Needs A Portable Watermelon Cooler


By Chris Scott Barr

Watermelons are a great summertime snack. My grandparents grow them, so I usually have some in my fridge. However, some people are serious about their watermelon. I’m talking about the kind of person that never leaves the house without one in a cooler. Granted, I’ve never met one of these people, nor have I heard of one. I just assume they exist, because this Portable Watermelon Cooler exists.

This device was apparently designed with the intention of carrying and cooling a single watermelon. Sure, you can put in something else instead to keep it cool. Heck, you can even keep some things warm in it too. I’m still just not quite sure why. Whatever the reason, if you’ve got an extra $230 and an unhealthy obsession with watermelons, this is your gadget.

[ Joybond ] VIA [ Gearfuse ]


  1. This was released for the Japanese market only where melons are actually considered a luxury and can sell for thousands for dollars. Id be looking after my melons too if I was paying that much $ for them.

  2. From what anime series is this?

    Seriously though, only in Japan man, only in Japan…
    They embraced the weird too much and now they over did it, nothing coming out of Japan can be weird anymore. If you got used to their level of weird this is quite a mundane object.