Expresso GPS (Images courtesy Expresso Satellite Navigation Ltd.)
By Andrew Liszewski

This isn’t the first GPS device we’ve brought you designed for golfers, but the fact that the Expresso can also be used in your car as your standard navigational unit makes it considerably more versatile and easier to justify. On the golf side of things the unit licenses the iGolf software providing users access to their database of over 32,500 courses worldwide, or you can map your own course if your local greens aren’t listed. The software also lets you keep track of the score and stats of each round, and since the unit is water resistant, you shouldn’t have to worry about a little rain dampening your fun.

On the automotive side of things, the Expresso once again goes the licensing route with Navigon’s software and NAVTEQ’s map database. So you get everything from 2D or 3D map views depending on your preference, ZAGAT rated points of interest, multiple destination routing, lane assistance so you know where to be when exiting or merging on highways, and pretty much everything else offered by the Navigon software.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. With its 480×320 resolution display and SD card slot, the Expresso also serves as a half-decent media player while on the road and even though supported file formats aren’t specified on their site, it’s safe to assume that it at least handles the all-important DIVX format. I’ll also point out that the Expresso has a clever articulated screen design as you can see in the product shots, so you can use it sitting on the dashboard or with a windshield suction cup mount. And when unfolded you can even place it in one of your vehicle’s (car or golf cart) cup holders since a pair of pop-out spring-loaded stability wings will ensure a proper fit no matter how large it is. The only thing that’s missing is pricing and availability info.

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