Face Upper

Japan is the country where all things quirky exist, like this strange-looking mouthpiece called the Face-Upper. It’s not a mouth guard, it’s not something that will make your teeth straighter, and it’s not part of some teeth-whitening system either. No, it’s actually a nifty little device that promises to give your sagging cheeks a much-need lift.

That’s right ladies (and the occasional gent), you can now give your face a lift without having to go under the knife. That’s according to the people behind the Face-Upper, that is. All you have to do is pop it into your mouth for three minutes a day and you’ll get a tighter mouth and tighter cheeks in no time.

Skeptical? Yeah, we are, too. The Face-Upper costs a whole lot less than plastic surgery (it’s only $66) and it won’t even hurt, too. But we’re just not sure that it’ll actually work.

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