You could probably argue that if you’re out of the house and cycling, you’re technically not all that lazy. But it’s entirely possible your dog is, and that all that exercise you’ve been giving it has been seen as a chore by the little pooch. Unlikely because let’s face it, dogs are awesome, but it’s possible. So give them a little rest with the Dograck by Fairdale. They’ve modified their successful Skaterack and turned it into what you see above, a nice resting place for Rover which attaches to mounting points usually reserved for panniers. It’s also supposedly been designed to give maximum clearance so that you don’t end up kicking your pet in the snout.

We… suppose the canines they’ve tested this on are fairly well trained, because we’re pretty sure any dog that belongs to us would get off in a heartbeat. But you know what, this looks fake. Paws in spokes anyone? Also, not comfortable at all with no belly support. We don’t know how much it is, but if it’s similar in price to their Skaterack, you’re looking at about $40. However we have a feeling the product is just not going to be made. Heck, this could all just be some kind of joke. The article we’re linking to is from November 2011, and the item still doesn’t appear in their store. Fishy.

[ Fairldale Dograck ] VIA [Incredible Things ]