Who are you?
Right now, OhGizmo! is edited by two guys, David Ponce and Andrew Liszewski, with appearances from occasional guest contributors. David is the owner and managing editor of the site, while Andrew is his faithful servant. Well, he’s his Senior Editor really, but David is a bit of a tyrant.

Do you get paid to do this?
Sure we do, but not by any given company. Instead, the horrible ads you see all over the place put food on our tables (mostly on David’s table).

Can I send you products to review?
Certainly. But ask us first, because your product may very well stink, even if you think it’s a revolution in a box. To get in touch, go here.

Do you keep the products you review?
Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. You can see everything that we’ve kept on our disclosures page. We’ve setup that page to help dissipate any impressions of impropriety. We value the trust our readers put in us, and we would never dream of giving a product a positive spin, just because we get to keep it.

Can I exchange links with you?
We understand how hard it is to get started in this business. But we get such a large number of such requests in any given week, that we could not possibly accept everyone. Of course, it costs nothing to ask, and if we’re drunk enough on that given day, you just may fall through the crack.

Why didn’t you credit me?
We have a simple rule for our “VIA” links. When we search the web for stories, we’ll credit the first site that we see mention a product we decide to write about. Sometimes that will not be the site that broke the story. It’ll mostly always be the site we see it on; given the nature of this work, it’s sometimes very hard (or impossible) to track the originator of a story.

Can I send you press releases?
Of course. But know we get a lot of these, so it’ll help if you preface your release with a quick couple lines to tell us why we should care.

Can I buy this?
We’re amazed by how often this question crops up. No. You can’t. We don’t sell anything. We write about products we think are cool, and we usually point you to a place where you can buy them. If they’re not up for purchase yet, we try to tell you.

I saw this twenty years ago. Why did you post about it?
We’re not, strictly speaking, a breaking news site. While we try to emphasize more recent products, we don’t shy from talking about older things if we feel they’re interesting enough. Don’t forget that what may be old and stale for you may very well be new and shiny for someone else.